EVOK, a lifestyle creator, formed in 2014 by the will of its 3 co-founders: Owned by Pierre Bastid, imagined & developed by Romain Yzerman and Emmanuel Sauvage who manage the general direction. 

A classic French touch at the Nolinski, the Restaurant du Palais Royal, and the Cour des Vosges, an exclusive one at Hameau de la Volière, relaxed at Brach, and quirky at Sinner. 

ln response to the different tastes, the different worlds of guests: A lifestyle for luxury style, a central theme that defines each space in the group. A collection that burgeons across borders. Different, enriching projects. 

Diving straight into the atmosphere of a village, a neighbourhood, experiencing every pulse. Discovering its traditions and style. That’s the Evok spirit. Starting again from scratch to create new emotions. Finding a special place, rediscovering it, and offering it a second lease of life at the hands of designers such as: Starck, Auer, Deniot, Tollemer, Lecoadic & Scotto … 

Each hotel, with its own ambition, universe, Quality of life inspired by the ground it stands on.