Evok : Literary Prize

A new literary prize in the French cultural landscape


There are many prestigious literary awards — some offered by institutions, others that are special or specific, some that are selected by specialists, and still others that are chosen by readers. Now Emmanuel Sauvage, conductor of the Evok group, with exuberant intelligence and creativity, has teamed up with the literary skills of Tristane Banon, who has been a novel- ist for 20 years, and Emmanuelle de Boysson, a novelist and culture journalist who has founded several literary prizes, to launch the very first EVOK literary award.

The EVOK literary award is a radical step, yet another sign of Evok’s bold willingness to always go off the beaten path. This award is like a bubble of light that will recognize the best summer book. A book that must have obvious literary qualities, but also fit that very special state of mind that goes with the summer season. Evok has chosen a diverse award members changing from one year to the next, made up of 12 people from the world of culture and media, and from all the arts, since that’s the Evok way: openness to other people from all over.



Keren Ann
Tristane Banon
David Bellemere
Laurence Benaïm
Emmanuelle de Boysson
Karima Charni
Marie Drucker
Raphaël Enthoven
Laurence Ferrari
Aurélie Saada
Emmanuel Sauvage
Bernard Werber



During a first meeting of the jury, six novels published during the year and previously selected will be presented and given to the comittee.

Later, after a little over a month of reading, deliberation will take place, followed by the award ceremony before the summer in the Suzanne Suite of the Brach Hotel, the second Evok hotel, designed by Philippe Starck.


Competing books

« Le dernier juif d’Europe »
de Joann Sfar chez Albin Michel

« Les coeurs inquiets »
de Lucie Paye chez Gallimard

« L’école du ciel »
d’Élisabeth Barillé chez Grasset

« Cette inconnue »
d’Anne-Sophie Stefanini chez Gallimard

« La mustang rouge de mon père »
d’Isabelle Miller chez Lattès

« Le service des manuscrits »
d’Antoine Laurain chez Flammarion